Evoker first bunch of cards

Today Evoker came out. Because of Artur Fast I had the opportunity to work for the first time on a bigger project. It's a fantasy card game for ios and android, made by flaregames. I started this project in early 2013 and I'm finally allowed to show some first cards. I had a really great time and learned so much over the past year, I'm still confused on how bad early paintings look like compared to the ones that I painted some months later.

Most fun for me, was to create the dwarf cards, as I could learn more about anatomy and work myself a little bit more into armor design, as I always wanted to get better in this area.

This guys helped me to create this epic fantasy world and did also great illustrations :
Christian Schob: www.christianschob.com
Artur Fast: http://arturfast.blogspot.de/
Simon Höfer: http://www.geiliostrudel.de/
Kemane Ba: https://vimeo.com/kemanski

Anyway here is a first bunch of some dwarfs in no particular order and before you move on, please note that I'm slolwy relocating to tumblr, so If you want to follow me over there, feel free to do so: http://sandrorybak.tumblr.com/

all copyrights by flargames 

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