Uwaj's Ascent and Painting Process

Heeey everyone. 
Thought about updating my blog just a little bit. Here is a new piece i made for the argentinian trading card game 'Inferno'. This is already my 6th illustration for them. Soo working on the game made me learn some spanish and i kind of understand the game now. It's similar to Magic the Gathering. Every player has a demoncard, that works like his hero. You have rituals and minion cards and you need fight for world domination. Every demoncard has a infernal version that can be flipped to the other side when you met certain condition (having a certain amount of demon cards on the field, a certain amount of lifepoints,etc)  When you flip the card you have the earth version of the demon, being stronger then the inferno version. This painting is for a promo card and i'm really happy with the finished card they sent me today. Can't wait to hold the real cards in my hand. I also attached a process .gif-file, so you can see the painting process it. Hope you guys will like it and if you are interested in the game, here is their homepage: http://playinferno.com/

This is a animated Gif.:


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